Village Green Update for June 4, 2020

Village Green Update for June 4, 2020

Here is this week’s update from Village Green Community Church.

A Message from Pastor Jon

Recently, the Government of Ontario extended the pandemic protocols to the end of June (June 30th). I’m not sure what your first reaction was to the news, but mine can be summed up in a word – fatigue!

Fatigue comes from the French word meaning, “weariness.” It neatly sums up my feelings at present but also makes me concerned for what many of you may be experiencing as well. Since we are going to be in this for a while, I thought I would highlight a couple of items where fatigue may be affecting you.

You are weary of the computer and online ‘everything’!! I hear there are even organizations planning virtual DayCamps. Yuk! Regardless, the fatigue is real for many. Streaming services, online meetings and on and on. We get it. In fact, since the nice weather has hit at the very moment experts have said computer fatigue will be hitting us we’ve seen a decrease in online numbers, especially on Sunday.

That’s okay, if you need a break its totally understandable. The fatigue is real. Just don’t go away altogether! We are doing our best to deliver quality each and every Sunday but we know the format can be taxing for some. As a community we are here week in and week out, so please, take a break if you need it, but we would love to see you back.

You are weary of being physically apart from the people you care about. This one is so hard for so many. As the government continues to tempt us with announcements of stages for reopening, some of you may be tempted to meet in Life Group, Youth Group, or other church related meeting. Please don’t.

Whether you agree with the government or the church’s decisions or not, having a meeting that breaks the social distancing protocols etc., actually puts the church in a liability situation. Even if the church decided to go rogue against the government, we could be left exposed and uninsured if something were to ever happen.

Let us continue to be wise in the days ahead and not allow fatigue to get the better of us. Jesus understood this well and gave us these words of encouragement.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. (Matt. 11:28)

To help us navigate with wisdom the decisions that lay ahead, we are asking everyone to take time to fill out the survey in the next section.

Please, Please, Take Time to Fill Out this Survey

We are asking if you could take a few moments to fill out a survey. It will help us to make the best decisions and to be fully prepared when we are able to open our doors again.

The survey takes 2-5 minutes and is only 16 questions in length, all multiple choice. It would greatly help the leadership moving forward. The survey is available until just before midnight on June 12th.

We will be giving you the results at the conclusion of the deadline.

You can grab the survey here.

Thanks so much for taking the time.

Kids Connection

We continue to make available the curriculum to our Kids Connection program as supplied by Orange. Their newest offering of videos, resources, and parent guides is for entire month of June.

You can get it all here.


Our next Communion service will be on June 7th. Make sure you are ready to participate as a family.

Ways to Give

A reminder that you can now use to make e-transfers to the church. If you do use this option, please make sure we have an address on file so we know where to send the receipt. We also have a PayPal portal on our website: You can also drop off your offerings through the mail slot at the church. It is checked on a regular basis.

How to Study the Bible – Now into Week 9!

Join us every Monday evening at 8:00 pm, for a YouTube Live study on How to Study the Bible. To be part of the study you can search on YouTube for livestream/jonkorkidakis or find the links on, or on my website at

Stay strong, stay healthy, and don’t let fatigue get the better of you!
Jon Korkidakis





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