This Week at Village Green – June 4, 2021

This Week at Village Green – June 4, 2021

It’s Friday, which means another installment of our weekly blog to keep you up to date and in the know. Lots of things to tell you about so hope you find all you need in this week’s edition.

Update on May 31st Information Night

As many of you know, pastor Jon took to our YouTube channel to give an outline of our church’s position and stance during this pandemic. The response has been overwhelmingly positive so thank you to the many who have communicated their appreciation.

If you missed the presentation you can grab it here.

Also, pastor Jon said he would post links to a number of articles that you may find helpful.

Getting Vaccinated and Covid-19
Persecution, Birth Pang, or Pruning?
Vaccine Skeptics Need a Dose of Creation Theology
Popular UBC Professor Busts Myths About the Virus and Vaccines
Greg Laurie and the Mark of the Beast

Youth Movie Night

The youth are having their movie night tonight (Friday, June 4). The movie featured at tonight’s event is Wreck-It Ralph.

Please be in prayer for the youth. As many of you know we are in discussions with YFC to have Village Green as a hub for their ministries in the Westmount area. This would mean partnering with them on some youth events to further our reach among the youth in our community. A meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 7 at 5:00 pm.

Communion Coming this Sunday

Since it is the first Sunday in June it also signals the time we gather around the Communion Table. If you want to participate from home, please have the elements prepared beforehand.

The Gathering – Coming June 13th – Don’t Be Left Behind!

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Our next online community GATHERING is scheduled for June 13th and will run from 11:15-12:15. If you are part of our online community and want to meet and get to know others, why not take this opportunity and sign up. You can let the office know by contacting us at

The Gathering is set up in groups of 8 so it’s easy to connect with one another. Remember to also use the new links that will be sent to you just prior to the Gathering (either Saturday or early Sunday). Lastly, the cutoff for letting the office know is Friday, June 11th at 3:00 pm.

Our focus question for the Gathering revolves around the topic of prayer. “Is prayer simply talking to God, or is there more to prayer than just talking?”

Save the Date! June 27th Congregational Meeting

Coming June 27th is our annual congregational meeting, the first one in almost two years. It will be held virtually and be broadcast right after the morning service.

We will have budget updates as well as the new slate of candidates for Elder, Board Chair, Treasurer, and Church Clerk.

So, if you are a member, please save the date and plan to join us on the 27th. Stay tuned for further details on time, link, and documentation for the meeting.

Life Groups and Summer Series

Our Life Group session is coming to a close with the final week on June 13-19th. Groups will have a break for the summer and begin again in September.

Coming June 20, 2021

Beginning June 20th is our series for the summer, Stories that Move the Heart. This 10-week series looks at one of Jesus’ most popular teaching tools: the parables. Some were often shrouded in mystery while others made their point clearly. In this series, we unlock the lessons of these stories-lessons that were meant to move the heart.

Construction Reminder

Remember that over the course of the next few weeks our website is undergoing updates and improvements. Please be patient as we seek to improve the overall experience of our site.


Being light in a dark world

As we close out this week’s blog I want to encourage you to be one thing this week. BE THE CHURCH! With the popular media and culture seeing the church in very negative light, especially with regards to the way some churches have become militant and combative, lets do what we can to be light, not add to the darkness.

What does it mean? It means first and foremost being Christlike, to yourself, to others, and the world you interact with. To be like Christ is to be:

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  • Gracious and merciful to others
  • Forgiving, loving, and even praying for our enemies
  • Welcoming and serving the marginalized
  • Caring for one another, the sick, needy, poor, abused, vulnerable, forsaken, orphan
  • Striving for justice
  • Being ambassadors of reconciliation
  • Having the heart of Jesus and thinking of others more than yourself

This is just a short list but hopefully, it’s challenged you, in an encouraging way. The way of Jesus is not easy, it is incredibly hard, but to live it is to enjoy life in all its fulness. Not only does your life transform when you love God and love others, but the world around you changes too. Somehow, when we are THE CHURCH, the darkness and the shadows tend to disappear.

Until next week, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay focused on Jesus!
Jon Korkidakis


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