This Week at Village Green – June 25, 2021

This Week at Village Green – June 25, 2021

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Village Green blog for all the news and happenings at the church.


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The meeting for this Sunday will be held through Microsoft Teams and you will receive a link prior to the meeting. When you receive the link make sure to save it for easy access. The meeting will begin shortly after the morning service and is scheduled for 11:15.

If you are a member and attend the service in-person on the 27th, you will be allowed to stay for the meeting.

Please send any questions you may have regarding the budget, nominations, or Annual Report to prior to the meeting so we can take time to answer your question without taking up extra screen time.

We Miss You – Hopefully You Are Missing Us?

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The province is opening up after a long season of lockdowns so we are encouraging you, if you are able, to consider returning to in-person services. At present, we are allowed 44 people in the auditorium, and beginning June 30th, the number rises to 74.

Masks and physical distancing are still required but if you would like to attend a service, let the church know at

We wrote last week that we, as a leadership, are concerned that the lockdowns have promoted a consumer mentality when it comes to church. We want to encourage those of you who are able and feel safe, to consider returning to church. Thanks so much.

A Couple of Ministries on Pause

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During the months of July and August there are two ministries that are taking a break. First is the Sunday morning Kid’s Connection stream.

The second is The Gathering, our monthly online get-together that helps our online community connect with each other.

STEM Day Camps

Coming to Village Green this July and August are STEM Day Camps. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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Stem Camps coming this July and August

The camp will begin the week of July 5th and end the week of August 27th. This camp is not a church-sponsored event but we are renting our building to them. They are also keeping to the government guidelines and have their own clean-up staff and protocols as part of their rental agreement.

If you are looking for a science-themed camp for your child you can check out their website and programs on their website.

Youth Half All Nighter – This Saturday, June 26

The event kicks off at 9 pm on Saturday and will be a variety of games and activities and end with watching Ralph Breaks the Internet. The movie will start at 1:30 am and will be ending the event after the movie is over. 

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This Friday, June 25 from 7 pm-9 pm, I (Ben), will be at the church with take-home bags for each student. These will have supplies for some of our games and a selection of snacks as well. If you are unable to swing by the church during that time please let me know as soon as possible and I will arrange to get your child’s take-home bag to you. 


Our new website is taking shape. Hopefully you will get a chance to check it out and see the new design and layout which is far more user and visitor friendly.

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Check out our newly designed website

You can take a moment and check it out here at

A big thank you to Kate Bahula who has been tasked with the new design as well as Aiden Wiebe who has helped with some of the design elements as well.

The site is still in construction mode but the majority of work has been completed.

Blog/Newsletter Update

Starting in July, this blog will only be produced once a month, not at the present rate of once a week. The blog will come into your email box on the first Friday of the month.

It means that next week’s blog will start the once-a-month rotation. So you can expect an update blog on July 2nd and August 6th. As September approaches we will be deciding on the frequency of the blog at that time.

As a reminder, our Saturday Mail Chimp newsletter will still come weekly and have many of the key updates and reminders to keep you informed.

Don’t Miss Our Summer Series

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This summer we are doing a 10-week deep dive into the parables of Jesus. These stories hold rich lessons for us all, and through each story, you will be challenged, encouraged, and strengthened in your walk with Jesus.

You will be especially blessed by a number of guest speakers over the months of July and August.

Thank you again for helping Village Green live out its mission to love God, love others, and bring about the change this world so desperately needs.

Until next time,
Stay safe and stay healthy.

Jon Korkidakis