This Week at Village Green – April 16, 2021

This Week at Village Green – April 16, 2021

Welcome to our weekly newsletter. There is lots to keep you informed and up to date. Hope you enjoy this week’s edition.

Lockdown Fatigue

We are in the midst of another government lockdown for the next month at least. Did you know the church has an allowance of 15% capacity in our auditorium (which translates to 44 people). Though the number allowed seems small compared to pre-COVID numbers, we have yet to hit the allowable limit.

If you have been wanting to come to church, or simply tired of not being in the company of others, we have room for you. Just let the office know by contacting the church at As a reminder, we continue to adhere to all safety protocols for in-person services, such as masks and physical distancing.

Kids ConnectionImportant Update

A reminder that our Sunday morning Kids Connection stream has a new time slot from 9:15-9:45 am.

Also, the link to the Kid’s Connection stream will no longer be available in the Saturday Mailchimp after this week’s email. The new link was also in last Saturday’s email (April 10). Please make sure to save the link. If you lose the link you can contact Noreen at

Lastly, any links prior to last Saturday’s should all be deleted. They still work if you use them but you end up in a place that doesn’t connect you to the Kid’s Connection program. In fact, you end up in a type of internet solitary confinement prison and since we are a church that celebrates freedom in Christ, we don’t want you ending up in a virtual prison. Just saying!

The Gathering – Coming This Sunday, April 18th

Our next online community GATHERING is scheduled for April 18th and will run from 11:15-12:15. If you are part of our online community and want to meet and get to know others then why not take this opportunity and sign up. You can let the office know by contacting us at

We are also having a “focus question” to help initiate conversation and connection within the groups. The focus question for April 18th comes from the first two messages presented in the Things God Uses series (see Exodus 4).

What underlying fears (or “what if” scenarios) are being played out by Moses? How can “fears” become a barrier to God working in your own life?

Christian Life in London Interview

Pastor Jon was interviewed by Tony Kulpa of Christian Life in London magazine as part of their “Churches in London” series . It’s a brief but candid snapshot of the church, especially related to the way we have navigated the pandemic. If you want to read the article you can grab the link here

Faith FM Share-a-thon

Faith FM’s Share-a-thon is this week. It began on Wednesday but ends this Saturday (April 14 to 17). The station survives on the generosity of the Christian community and Village Green has been supportive of the ministry over the years. If you want to donate or find out more information you can go to their website at

Book of Acts Study

The Book of Acts study continues this Monday, April 17th at 7:00 pm EST. The 11-week series will run on YouTube and you can grab the link and notes at You will find them under the “YouTube Series” tab and then the page for “The Book of Acts.” We are into week #6, Chapters 15-18. If you are part of the study we are asking that you read the chapters ahead of time.

Remember, We are a Church that Loves God, Loves Others, and Wants to Change the World!

As we close out this week’s update, let’s take a moment to contemplate our Mission Statement presented above. It’s simple, yet quite profound in the truth it communicates. Know what else is really cool about it? Let me give you a minute to think…don’t read on, ponder that for a moment.

Okay, here it is. It’s never changing. Ever! No pandemic, or any other natural impediment can stand in the way of this statement reflecting the Great Commandment and Great Commission. The church still stands and is still able to BE THE CHURCH! Regardless of the din of those who cry otherwise. Yes, there are some physical in-person benefits that we all long to see again, I do too, but let’s continue to be the church at a time when we can shine.

Why not reach out to someone this week and encourage them and let them know how much they bless you. There is someone within reach of a text message or phone call that needs to hear from you today. After-all, isn’t that the heart of a loving community? Trust me, they’ll be glad you took the time to connect.

Blessings to you for another week.
Stay safe, stay calm, and stay healthy.
Till next week,

Jon Korkidakis


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