The Enduring Power of Love

The Enduring Power of Love

A lot has been written since the wedding of Prince Harry and Meagan Markle. Yes, I was one of the many who rose early in the day to watch the royal extravaganza. Whatever your reason for watching, the ceremony produced a number of surprises.

The biggest surprise for me should not have been a surprise at all. It was the significant role that love played. This sounds strange considering it was a wedding after-all. If anything, love is the main reason there is a wedding in the first place.

One of the major highlights of the ceremony was Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon taken from Song of Solomon chapter 8. It has received international attention and made him a virtual overnight sensation.

Its been fascinating to me to read the reactions to a biblical sermon about the power of love. Some of the reactions are indicative of the prevailing attitudes that exist about the church. Many think the church is more about judgment and hypocrisy and yet, a simple sermon about the power of love is getting global attention.

When was the last time a sermon made front page news?

I believe this is a powerful lesson for those of us within the church. We may not get a platform like the one Bishop Curry had, but each and every week we are given an opportunity to shape one of the most compelling messages this world has ever known.

After-all, isn’t the message of the Gospel a message about the power of love?

If you missed Bishop Curry’s sermon you can watch it here.

Also, we just recently finished a 5-part sermon series on love entitled, I Love You, But…! You can listen online here.

Let’s take seriously the power of love, such a simple message, but one that was at the heart of Jesus’ teaching and sacrifice. Besides, couldn’t the world use a good love story right about now?


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