Messages on Luke

Part 4: Divine Longing

The message of the angels proclaim a reality we all long for in one way or another. Grasping the heart of their message brings the hope of Christmas alive for everyone. Luke 2:14

Part 10: Redeemed Mess

The messiness of our lives can sometimes reflect how we understand God’s love for us. If we are not careful, we can view our messiness as God’s judgment, and not as a vehicle for redemption. Luke 4:16-21

Forgiven – Only Jesus, Part 6

Does forgiveness come with a price, and does it come with certain expectations? In this story, Jesus connects the act of forgiveness with the capacity of a person’s love. Luke 7:36-50

My Christmas Wish – Part 2: Peace

Peace is often considered the byproduct of external forces. In that definition, peace cam quickly evaporate when circumstances change. What if peace comes from somewhere else? Luke 2:25-32