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None of us can escape it, even though we would never invite it into our lives. Oddly enough, it is what bonds every human being together while teaching us the…
For most, faith has an unwelcomed companion. we didn't expect it to become a lifelong partner, but there it is, nudging from the sidelines trying to get our attention through…

Advent Part II

January 5, 2020
Event though the Advent season has concluded, we still live in expectation of what God is doing in our world. This Sunday we look at a different Advent story, one…
Peace is for many, an elusive state. In the midst of our broken world lies the potential to experience lasting peace.
God is not a temporary benefit, or a maker of promises that last only for a season. As they say, hope springs eternal when it comes to the promises of…

The first depiction of Jesus as Wonderful Counselor, is a characteristic that highlights the power of God-inspired wisdom.

God’s Grocery Cart of Grace

November 24, 2019
Update from missionaries Rob and Kathryn Fleming who serve in Japan.
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