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We can be many things to many people, and we can sometimes soar and sometimes flounder, but through it all, We Are the CHURCH!
Jacob and Leidy Paul update us about their work in Armenia and specifically about El Nido On Nov. 15 – Informal gathering at Village Green Community Church at 7:00 p.m.…
There are times when we are met with hopelessness and despair. In God’s economy, though, there is always room for new beginnings that point to boundless hope.
Truth and tolerance are rarely teamed together, especially when Christians are in view. As intolerance and hatred grows, so does the attacks against believers.
Certain topics have the potential to be divisive, none more so than claiming exclusive rights to truth. How do we manage this volatile subject yet still proclaim the truth?
Sometimes life has a way of making us feel disoriented. One of the great gifts of the church is worship, a gift that helps reorient our lives to what matters.
We all know what it's like when on the receiving end of a timely gift. Few things speak louder about a church's commitment than its capacity to give.
Building into the lives of people can be so rewarding, especially when it results in growth that is spiritually healthy.
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