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We all know what it's like when on the receiving end of a timely gift. Few things speak louder about a church's commitment than its capacity to give.
Building into the lives of people can be so rewarding, especially when it results in growth that is spiritually healthy.
Membership does have its privileges, but also its responsibilities. To serve is to project the hands and feet of Jesus.
The Church is many things to many people, but at its core, its only about one message.
Underlying the entire premise of the Church is this one reality; that God so loved the world.
Age can sometimes be a detractor, a liability depending on the importance of the responsibility. Timothy, a disciple of the apostle Paul, heroically forges into the mantle of leadership at…
Sometimes God calls us to drastic situations.  In what seemed like a hopeless cycle, God called a man that no one was looking at, to deliver the entire nation from…
There are times when we are so compelled by an injustice we are tempted to act. But some things are so daunting many will simply give up and say it's…
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