Let’s stand together in 2013

Let’s stand together in 2013

A new year is almost upon us and I believe we are approaching it with lots to be thankful and hopeful for. Village Green continues to grow as a vibrant community of Christ Followers and each week I hear stories of what God is doing in many people’s lives.

I am personally thankful for the people, the volunteers, the Elders, the Board, and the staff.  There is an incredible sense of working together with dedication and purpose.  We may not always get it right but we continue to stumble forward by the grace of God.

Beginning the first Sunday in January is a series on 1 Peter, entitled Stand.  I believe that the timeliness of these messages will speak to many as we launch into a new year.  So much of Peter’s writing revolves around our identity in Christ and how we are able to weather the storms around us.   I am looking forward with great anticipation to this series.

The major reason is because I believe this series will speak to the struggles many of us are going through. Whether its personal, like an illness, or external, like maintaining our faith under constant attack, the series will help equip us to meet the circumstances with strength, resolve, and grace.

And I can’t think of anything better as we begin a new year. Hearing from God’s Word how we can stand in the midst of everything that attempts to knock us down.  The message of the Gospel is powerful beyond measure, and as we embrace its truth as a church we allow the Kingdom of God to be a force of light and goodness to every heart that is open to hearing.
So, as 2013 begins, let’s stand. Individually, corporately, in prayer and in purpose.  Let us see the new year as an opportunity to make our greatest impact yet.


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