2018 Canadian Church Leaders Conference – Highlights and Conference Notes

2018 Canadian Church Leaders Conference – Highlights and Conference Notes

This year, along with two staff members from our church, I attended the Canadian Church Leaders Conference held June 14-16th at Connexus Church in Barrie, Ontario.

This is the second year for this gathering and its primary attraction for me is its focus on the Canadian church. Though I appreciate the wealth of material and conferences that our friends south of the border provide, they have little to no understanding of the church dynamics in Canada.

The Canadian focus, coupled with the conference theme of ‘Change is Good’, produced a much needed shot of inspiration and encouragement. We are in the throes of some significant changes at our church and this conference helped to affirm and validate many of our decisions.

I’ve gathered various quotes and nuggets from each of the main sessions. If you have been considering the conference or are in the midst of some changes in your church, I hope this summary will help you in some way.

As I mentioned above, the conference theme was ‘Change is Good.’ Each of the main speakers dealt with some aspect of change as it pertains to ministry.

You can get the notes and article here – 2018 Canadian Church Leaders Conference


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