Village Green Newsletter – September 2021 Edition

Village Green Newsletter – September 2021 Edition

Welcome to the September edition of the Village Green newsletter. September is typically the startup month for many activities and this year is no different. You will find all you need to know concerning the various ministries and happenings at Village Green.

“Come Back to Church Sunday” – September 12th

September 12th is our official invitation to “come back to church.” If you have been considering making the move back to in-person services then why not consider coming on the 12th. Further, please let the office know if you are also available to volunteer as there are still openings for you to serve.

Let the church know if you are going to begin attending in person by contacting

Why Do I Feel Like This?

We began our new series, Why Do I Feel Like This? with an interview with registered psychotherapist Trish Pauls who operates HELPPS counseling services. It was a great start to this three-part series as she gave many practical tips on navigating what many of us are experiencing during this difficult season of Covid.

If you are interested in contacting Trish here is her contact information:

We are excited to have two more interviews planned so if you were encouraged by the first message don’t miss the remainder of the series. This is such an important series for a very critical time in the health and well-being of so many.

Communion Sunday

A reminder that this Sunday (September 5th) is Communion. We have individual pre-packaged wafers and cups for those in attendance.

For those of you watching online, please have the elements ready if you would like to participate from home.

September 19th – The Big Day!

Sunday, September 19th marks the beginning of a new ministry season with a number of startups on that day!

New Sermon Series!

We start a new 10-part series entitled, Believe 101. The promo for the series is as follows: What makes Christianity unique if anything? When we make the leap of faith to become a Christian, what are we signing up for and what are the key components of what we believe?

This is a great series for inviting someone to our services. In fact, it has never been easier. Just ask them to watch online, either live on Sunday, or at a later time that is convenient to them.

New Life Group Session!

The Believe 101 series also starts the new session of Life Groups. If you want to join a group just contact the church at If you are unable to join a group for this session, why not consider using the study material for your own personal devotions.

The Elders have also released a statement concerning Life Groups, with the recommendation that groups start online first. You can read the formal release here.

New Kids Connection Startup!

Our Sunday morning Kids Connection will restart on the 19th. This ministry has been paused due to Covid since March of 2020.

Please let the church know if you will be bringing your children or if you are interested in volunteering for this important ministry. One of the collateral problems created by Covid is the health and well-being of our children so it is exciting to see us being able to offer this ministry again.

New Youth Coordinator

We are in the process of interviewing a potential candidate for youth coordinator. Please be in prayer that the person we are presently looking at is a good fit for our church and we are a good fit for them.

There are still youth events planned for September as well as the partnership with YFC so September is shaping up to be full of ministry opportunities.

Worship Team Update

Our Worship Coordinator, Matthew Burkholder, has taken a six-month leave of absence in order to focus on his upcoming Ph.D. examinations. This is a very difficult and stressful season in his educational and professional pursuits so please take time to pray for Matthew and his family for the months that lie ahead.

Please also be in prayer for the worship team, especially those who have stepped up to lead in Matthew’s absence.

Theology Jam – Our New Village Green Podcast

Matthew Burkholder and Jon Korkidakis have started a new podcast called Theology Jam (Just like musicians who jam together they jam on theological topics – also stands for Jon and Matthew). You can catch it on your favourite streaming platforms like Spotify or iTunes, or simply go to our website and find it on our resources page. You can also grab the page here

A new podcast will be released every 2 weeks and some of the topics we will be discussing are, Christian deconversions, How to respond to other faith groups, and the new sexuality just to name a few. If there is a topic you want us to tackle just email us at

Our Summer Interns and Some Closing Thoughts

Before closing out this month’s newsletter I wanted to reflect with gratitude on the three interns that had worked at the church this summer. I cannot tell you what a blessing they were and how much they were able to not only contribute but advance so many projects forward.

From the new website to updating worship administration and protocols to scheduling a year in advance for Youth and Kids Connection ministries, the list of achievements is long.

So, a heartfelt THANK-YOU to,
Kate Bahula
Aiden Wiebe
Marley Leslie
For the amazing work they were able to accomplish in just eight weeks as interns.

A heartfelt thanks to you as well for continuing to support Village Green Community Church. The summer seemed to just fly by but at the same time, we saw many positive things these past few months.

For one, we met or exceeded the budget for the months of May, June, and July (August is not all in yet). This is significant considering the summer months are typically very lean.

I also want to welcome our new Chair of our Board of Directors, Jarred Curtis as well as Kathleen Hill as our new Elder. Looking forward to having you both on the team.

September is always a month full of excitement and anticipation, and I for one am looking forward to all that God will do through Village Green this month.

Stay safe and stay healthy, but most of all, stay connected!
Till next time,
Jon Korkidakis


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