Syrian Refuge Crisis-An Update

Syrian Refuge Crisis-An Update

From the Elders,

We want to let everyone know that VGCC is aware and heartbroken about the present Syrian refugee crisis. At present, we are in prayer and taking steps to discern what is the best way for us to be involved. For instance, is it to be in resettlement or to contribute to immediate relief for those still in crisis and in critical need in the refugee camps?

The Elders have been contacting other church communities in London as to what they are doing and, in particular asking what the possibilities of our participation with them might be in their efforts to resettle refugees? Since they have already been working on a resettlement and relief plan for several years it seems wise to explore these avenues of response before pursuing other actions.

There are many questions to pray about and to try and ensure that we not make impulsive commitments that we cannot follow through with in the coming months and perhaps years. This is not to say we shouldn’t act but simply to appreciate the necessity to act in the best way we see possible for VGCC.

As one of the leaders in another church we are in discussions with wrote,

“We have an obligation to discern before God whether the human and financial resources that we have been abundantly blessed with ought to be made available during crises that occur in the world.   

We have an obligation to ensure that our engagement in disasters is done with compassion, excellence and appropriate relief vs development thinking.  This is a moment to respond as well as teach our community how to respond in times of disaster.  We have an equal obligation to care for those who are a part of our community as well as for our brothers and sisters in the Global Church as of first priority. 

We have an obligation to consider the capacity of our community when discerning a response.   

It is both imperative and strategic that we respond swiftly and with wise discernment together as a community when local and global disasters occur.

In the mean time if any of you believe you would like to contribute immediately as a family or individual please take a look at the sites below for more information.



We are sorry if the silence has been perceived as doing nothing. However, we wanted to have pertinent information to share with you and will hopefully have more soon.