Kathleen Hill

I started attending VG worship services in 2014 and I was immediately amazed by the clarity and depth of the teaching of Scripture and the warm welcome this community of believers expresses to all.  ‘Encouragers’ comes to mind when I reflect on the VG community and listen to others describe VG.   I was blessed to be able to share my testimony with VG at my baptism and I am grateful to be a member of this church.  I grew up enjoying life in a local church community and I appreciate all of the opportunities VG has for gathering and growing together in Christ, and sharing together in worship, Bible study, prayer and service.  I currently am thankful for opportunities to help out with VG strategic communications, participate in a life group and join with others in our prayer team and missions committee.  I am very thankful VG introduced me to Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge where I am so blessed to be a student delighting in studying Scripture and writing about what I am learning.  Weekdays, you will find me at The University of Western Ontario where I joined the faculty in 2003 and where I enjoy mentoring students in my roles as a teacher, supervisor, researcher and writer in genetics.