Next Steps for Village Green

Next Steps for Village Green

10526847-architectural-drawingsVillage Green began by meeting in a school, in 1980 the current building was completed which was shared with the public library, in 2002 the library left and the auditorium was renovated, 2013… and the journey continues…


Over the past few years we have seen God’s hand at work at Village Green with:

–    a  growing number of people

–       an expanding Kid’s Connection and Youth programs

–       growing opportunities to reach out into the community


Increasingly the lack of space has become a significant limiting factor to our continued ministry here at Village Green. We have identified the need for :

–       more space for Kid’s Connection and Youth

–       more space in the auditorium

–       adequate office space for the staff

–       more space for community involvement (LINC, Senior’s Program, etc)

–       upgrade of the heating, cooling and ventilation systems that are 30 years old (half of the building never did have proper air conditioning)

–       replacement of the roof


PHASE 1:  The installation of a steel structure (70 ft X 26ft =1820 sq ft) to the south of the “gold” room. (For reference, the current “gold” room is 1200 sq ft) The estimated cost of the structure and interior finishing is $180,000. (This is well less than half the cost of a conventional building.)

This structure would create space for a Youth room and two classrooms. By moving LINC it would free up space on the main floor for offices, prayer room, remodeled resource room and possibly an upgraded servery in the future. The estimated cost of main floor interior finishing would be $15,000 to $20,000.

Secondly, we would like to remove the ramp in the auditorium and replace it with a lift in order to create approximately 25 – 30 spaces for additional seating. (This is not a large cost item and can be done this summer.)

PHASE 2: Investigate the cost of upgrading the heating, cooling and ventilation systems and roof. This upgrade is long overdue. Approximate cost $100,000.


  1. Initiate design and feasibility of the steel structure.
  2. Establish a Fundraising Committee. (this has been done)
  3. Seek membership approval  at the Annual Membership meeting on Sunday, June 23, 2013, of the following motion:

“The membership of Village Green Community Church authorizes the Board to set up a process of borrowing money from the congregation in the form of promissory notes as part of our capital improvement fundraising campaign. The interest rates on the notes must be at or below commercial rates.”

(Notes: The term of the promissory notes would likely be three to five years.  The total amount borrowed from the congregation as well as other details of the notes will be determined over the next month by the Board in consultation with our lawyer.)

  1. Approval from the city for permits. (4 – 6 months)
  2. Members meeting called for approval to proceed.

If you have any questions please contact Don Shirley (Chair) by e-mail or phone.


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