Learning together as leaders

Learning together as leaders

One of the ways we are cultivating leadership here at Village Green is by reading resources together.  Both the Board and staff are taking time in their regular meetings to discuss, interact, and consider ways of implementing what we’ve learned.

I thought it would be helpful to give you the resources we are working through at present and give a brief overview of each.  And, if you are looking for something yourself, maybe one of these books would inspire you in the same ways they have been inspiring us!



The Leadership Team (Board and Elders), have recently completed “It” by Craig Groeschel.  The book is about the “it” factor, that hard to define quality that a church or a ministry has.  You know when a church has “it”, and you definitely know when a church doesn’t.  Craig outlines seven contributing ingredients to getting “it”, and the perils that happen when you don’t.  One of the more probing moments in our meetings was when we asked ourselves, Does Village Green have it, and where?” 


Deep and Wide

The staff is presently working through Andy Stanley’s Deep and Wide.  The book recounts the early years of North Point Community Church in Atlanta and how it grew to become the second largest church in America.  It is full of practical lessons on how they created a church that unchurched people love to attend.   Andy and his team have proven that you can go both deep and wide.  Together we are learning from the book and being challenged by the questions that the book forces us to ask.  The key one for me is this; we say we want to reach out to non-churched, but are we willing to restructure the way we do church in order to reach them?  Do we love our church culture more than the mission of God?


Missional MovesMissional Moves

I’m including this because it is the book being proposed next for the Leadership Team.  It recounts the transition that Granger Community Church in Indiana made to becoming more missionally focused, especially to it’s surrounding community.  We feel this may be a good follow-up to “It”, especially since community involvement is such a big motivator for many here at Village Green.


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