In Praise of Every Day Heroes

In Praise of Every Day Heroes

I’m surrounded by heroes. Not the DC Comic or Marvel versions we see in the comics or at the movie theatres. As entertaining as they may be, they don’t really inspire me in meaningful ways.

I’m also not talking about those courageous people who serve the general public by potentially putting themselves in harm’s way. Police, firemen, military, disaster-relief workers, or the like.

Lastly, I’m not talking about those heroes who in a single moment were called upon to act courageously. A single selfless act that saved a life or averted a crisis. We will always be grateful for them and for the service people mentioned above.

The heroes I’m talking about rarely get the recognition they deserve.

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    Sue Das

    A great and encouraging perspective on what it means to be a hero. Inspiring in that it brings heroism within the reach of all of us. Thank you.

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