Why Worship?

If you’ve never been to a contemporary worship service before, the sight of a group of people gathering together on Sunday to sing, read and talk about the Bible, pray, and take communion may seem strange to you. However, if you spend time with us you’ll start to learn why we worship.

The church is a unique place where people from different backgrounds and cultures gather together. It’s a community where no one is more important than anyone else. It’s a family that cares for one another. At Village Green, we worship because something inside of us has changed. We have encountered a person that fills our heart with hope, and we can’t help but worship the one who changes us. All of what we do at Village Green is because of that person, and that person’s name is Jesus.

We gather together on the first day of the week because that is the day Jesus changed everything. We sing because our hearts are filled with hope. We read the Bible because it tells the beautiful story of Jesus. We pray because we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. We eat bread and drink from a cup the first Sunday of the month to remember that Jesus’ love led him to die on a cross for us. All of us have had our world changed because of Jesus, and that is why we worship!

All are welcome to worship with us as we love God, love others, and change the world.

Matthew Burkholder
Worship Arts Coordinator

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