Created to Thrive-Some Additional Resources

Created to Thrive-Some Additional Resources

We’ve been talking during this sermon series about thriving – thriving intellectually, emotionally, physically, relationally, and spiritually.

The amount of feedback I’ve received is nothing short of startling. In some way, this series has touched many of you and I appreciate how its helping you understand biblical truth as applied to the whole of your life.

Recently a newsletter I subscribe to presented a series of TED talks revolving around emotional well-being. Each one touched in one way or another on the sermon series and thought they would either reinforce the messages or encourage you in your desire to thrive.

Lastly, these are not church or christian presentations, but they are biblical in many ways, though they lack the acknowledgement of that truth. The world around us is gaining in their appreciation of the created world and the wonder of the way we have been fashioned as human beings, yet many of us in the church have lost the intrinsic awe of being image bearers of God.

I hope you take time to enjoy these videos and may they encourage you to continue walking in faithfulness to Christ, who gave us the promise of a fulfilled life in John 10:10.

Five Videos to Increase Your Well-Being