Christmas Letter 2014

Christmas Letter 2014

To our Village Green Community Church family;

Welcome to our Christmas letter for 2014. Darlene and I want to take the time right now and wish you a Merry Christmas. Certainly the most common refrain we’ve heard is how quickly this year has evaporated. So with that in mind, we pray that in the midst of the year’s busiest season you will get a chance to pause, breathe, and reflect. But most of all, take a moment to celebrate our Saviour’s birth.

We know that this time of year can be difficult for many. A season that often gets portrayed in terms of childlike bliss is often a time of pain and loss for many others. Which is why the Christian message is so powerful. In the midst of the brokenness around us we can live with a hope and an expectation beyond our circumstances. May that be true of you?

For those whom the holidays hold no such claim, may the birth we celebrate cause you to count your blessings, and make you ever aware of the needs that exist all around you. Needs that become opportunities for you to touch others with the love of Christ?

Whatever this season holds for you we pray that it will be filled with God’s presence.  May you be captured afresh by the wonder that makes Christmas such a special time of year?

We are so thankful for each of you. To the many whom we have the honour of working alongside, we cannot express how much we appreciate the privilege. We are invited into countless lives and the moments you entrust to us are part of our fondest recollections.

May you have a most blessed Christmas. Wrapped with every good and perfect gift from our heavenly Father who gave His one and only Son for us. 

Jon and Darlene Korkidakis