Update from Jonathan Griffith

Update from Jonathan Griffith

Speaking HOPE to the World

A Ministry update from TWR Canada

Three years ago, Jonathan Giffiths came alongside the TWR Women of Hope team as a consultant. He countinues to consult with the ministry team on strategy and future plans. Jonathan and the team are seeing the effectiveness of leadership development across the TWR Women of Hope ministry, and how building into leaders and finding the right tools and processes all contribute to effective leadership and ministry across all regions of the world.

Jonathan has worked with the TWR Women of Hope team to create their Golden Circle. This framework comes from Simon Sinek and defines the WHY, the HOW and the WHAT behind the ministry. The WHY is the purpose, the cause or belief at the centre of who the ministry is. For TWR Women of Hope, this is bringing hope. The HOW is the ministries’ strengths, values, and guiding principles, which include equipping, encouragement, and education. Finally, the WHAT is what the ministry does. For TWR Women of Hope, that is pray, listen, learn, grow and give. When we know our WHY and our HOW, we can more easily define WHAT we should do.

TWR Women of Hope had all the pieces of this framework, but by putting it into this framework, it has helped them to make better strategic decisions as they evaluate projects and make new plans.

Jonathan is also working with TWR Women of Hope to evaluate current and new projects through a value-added propostiion. Through this, they are able to evalualte the needs of the audience and how the project meets that need.

As Jonathan and the TWR Women of Hope teams around the world continue to go through this process, these frameworks and tools will help them to move forward more strategically.

Jonathan is also working with the global team to streamline processes, share resources and skills, in an effort to simplify and not duplicate effort. All around the world, TWR Women of Hope teams are reaching the women in their countries in unique and wonderful ways. Jonathan is working with them to better share their knowledge and skills to strengthen all teams around the world and the ministry as a whole.

Dr. Peggy Banks, global leader of TWR Women of Hope, shared with us: “Working with Jonathan has been a tremendous asset for TWR Women of Hope. His expertise and consulation have taken the ministry to the next level of excellence in providing hope in Jesus to women around the world and across generations. I’m so grateful for his involvement in the ministry with us.”

As Jonathan works with Dr. Peggy Banks and other key leaders in the ministry, the effects of the strategy and strengthening will trickle down into all areas of the ministry. He is helping to lay the groundwork for a strong future for TWR Women of Hope, and for more women to come to faith and grow in faith.

Today, TWR Women of Hope engages with more than 750,000 women each month, is sending out 61,000 printed prayer calendars that are translated into over 100 languages, and the radio broadcasts are translated into more than 78 lanuguages! Praise God! The work is not done, and Jonathan’s role will help the minsitry grow and reach more women around the world with the hope of the gospel.

Testimonies from Around the World

From a listener in Ethiopia: “I am a teacher and a listener of the Women of Hope radio program. The teachings in the program are every helpful and are important to families and our community. At this time, it is very hard to go to church every week, because of COVID-19 and other challenges. but this progam encourages us in our faith and teaches us the Word of God. Also, we worship God together as families and we thank God for this opportunity. We now have the knowledge of the Word of God, which guides us and opens our spiritual eyes. We praise God for this ministry and promise to remember you in our prayers. Thank you for the good service!”

From a listener in Albania: “I heard about Jesus eight months ago. I didn’t have the chance to go to school and sometimes this hurt me so much. I do not know how to read the Bible, but a friend of mine has given me a solar radio and there I can spend time with God. I have heard the Women of Hope programs and many other programs that have helped me to grow strong in the Lord. God bless you so much. Would you please pray for the salvation of my husband?”

From a listener in Kenya: “Thank you for this beautiful message. It is as if you knew me because it touched me a lot. I wanted to cry while listening to you, but I remember in my heart that my Redeemer lives! He will help me become a virtuous wife and be as he wants me to be. I made the decision to respect my husband more, to help him as best I can in what he undertakes, and to encourage him in his relationship with God. I will work so as not to be an obstacle to growth or to spiritual development. God bless you.”

Thank you

Thank you for your continued support of Jonathan Griffiths and his work with TWR Women of Hope. This work will have long-lasting impacts for the ministry and on the lives of women and families around the world.

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