Jennifer Charlton, Elder

My name is Jennifer Charlton and I am passionate about the Lord and His working in us! I love His Word and I love His church! I came to know the Lord when I was fifteen and then was baptized a year later. I live happily with two other women in wonderful Mt. Brydges. When I came to London in 1974 to help start a new Christian school, I joined Village Green Community Church. I think I have done just about every job available in the church: Sunday school teacher, Sunday school coordinator, deacon, chair of the deacons’ board, day camp Bible teacher, choir member, soloist, Alpha meals, started the women’s group, usher, helped with janitoring and so on.

It is my belief that the church is God’s main way to help us “Love God, Love Others and Change the World. As an elder, I believe I will have opportunities to get to know others better as we help each other along on the journey of faith.