Speaking HOPE to the World

Speaking HOPE to the World

Village Green Community Church supports the ministry of Transworld Radio Canada (TWR Canada) Women of Hope. Every few months we receive a report on the ministry and Johnathan Griffiths as he supports Dr. Peggy Banks and her vision to reach and disciple women around the word. TWR Canada has been supporting this Dr. Banks, ministry for over 20 years and they continue to be actively engaged today, especially in Africa. This is report highlighting some of the projects and the impact they are having on the lives of women around the world, and through them, on their husbands, families and communities. Jonathan’s work with Dr. Peggy Banks and the global ministry team has a trickle-down effect and impacts these and other TWR Women of Hope projects around the world.

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Women’s Ministry

Women in many parts of the world are marginalized every day, experiencing high levels of poverty, illiteracy and health crises. TWR Women of Hope addresses women’s despair and feelings of hopelessness by encouraging, equipping and engaging them to pray, listen, learn, grow and give. For the past 20 years, TWR Canada has been involved in ministry to women in a variety of ways: these include biblical counselling and training, with a primary focus on the ministry of TWR Women of Hope both in Canada and around the world. We hope you are encouraged as you read this report by the work God is doing in the lives of women globally.


Since 2008, TWR Canada has sponsored Women of Hope in Makhuwa, a local language. this broadcast is well-received as it is set in the distinctly Mozambique cultural context. In addition, in 2020, TWR Canada provided funds so that the Makhuwa Women of Hope programs can be loaded onto media players. In January, the media players were delivered to Mozambique from the TWR Women of Hope team in Eswatini, and more will be delivered later this year. Maria Luisa is the Makhuwa coordinator, and she gave us the following update: “The Women of Hope Makhuwa programs are helping people a lot. Many are giving their lives to the Lord. Homes are being restored, and people are receiving physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Leaders in Mozambique are beginning to see these programs as essential because of the positive results they are seeing in their communities”.

Maria coordinates 60 prayer groups in the region. Praise God for this delivery of media players to Makhuwa speakers in Mozambique! Pray that as people listen to the programs, they will come to know Christ.


In the Fall, the team in Mali hosted a training with World Renew on trauma recovery, protecting young girls, and leadership development for women. There were 44 participants who attended the training sessions. A few weeks later, TWR Women of Hope Mali held a training for the evangelization of women by women. Women from 10 districts attended the training. There were two sections for the course, one on raising awareness of evangelism methods, and the other on putting what they had learned into practice. A woman named Awa said it had been 20 years since she had participated in such a training. Others had never gone out door to door, let alone approached someone to tell them about Jesus. ” We were encouraged”, said some of the participants at the end of the training. We were able to overcome our fear and doubt for this wonderful work. We all have joy in our hearts after every outing”. At the end of the seminar, the team distributed monthly prayer calendars.

In addition to these trainings, the Women of Hope programs continue to be broadcast. Here are a few testimonies from listeners.

A pastor in Kita shared the following: “What makes this program special is that it is presented by a woman. It is such a brilliant program that gives us directions in our daily lives, in our behaviours towards each other and also speaks of God. Men, women, children and young people all listen intently. Believers and non-believers listen to this program with pleasure and attention. The Women of Hope program is such a benefit to us in Kita and the surrounding area”.

The radio host in Baniko shared: “The Women of Hope program we broadcast every morning and evening has fostered greater knowledge in our community and has increased the popularity of our radio. it has the support of the public. Every morning I have no less than 40 calls to the station. We thank the Lord for the 25 people who gave their lives to Jesus as a result of the broadcasts: 11 men and 14 women. For radio listeners, this program is a means of reconciliation in families between spouses and between parents and children. Church members use the themes of these programs to evangelize to non-believers. Our thanks to all those who are involved in making the program Women of Hope“.

Praise God for these responses! Jeanne, director of TWR Women of Hope in Mali was in need of a laptop in order to better perform her duties as director. TWR Canada was able to send funds so that a laptop and a projector could be purchased for the ministry. Now Jeanne can more easily complete her administrative tasks and write scripts for the programs. We thank God for the blessing of technology and for the ways it can be used to further the kingdom of God.

Thank You

Around the world, God is at work in the lives of women, bringing hope and healing in difficult situations. As we continue to minister to women, we thank you for your financial and prayer support of this ministry.

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    Thank You, for sharing… It is always exciting to see the Hand of God at work in the lives of His Children!
    Be Blessed!

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