B/Right Living – Part 5: Fear Killer

October 18, 2020
One builds walls while the other tears them down. Few emotions have the power to control us like this duo. When fear reigns, our lives become small, dark, and anxiety-ridden,…

The Jesus I See: Part 4: Traitor

July 19, 2020
Judas, a name once associated with greatness, suddenly becomes synonymous with traitor. How one person's personal failure became a tragedy for the ages.

Advent Part II

January 5, 2020
Event though the Advent season has concluded, we still live in expectation of what God is doing in our world. This Sunday we look at a different Advent story, one…

Prophet on the Run

July 28, 2019
For every mountain there is a valley. In this message we look at the character and nature of God as he cares for one of his prophets at the lowest…

Stuck – Part 3 When You Hear Voices But No One’s Talking

May 19, 2019
Failure isn't always a sign that we can't cut it. Sometimes we just reach beyond our level of maturity and experience. Its what we do with the failure that really…
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