Elijah: Faith for Turbulent Times – Part 3: Small Cloud, Much Rain

February 28, 2021
Even in the life of a prophet, small things matter, especially when they are entrusted to a big God.

Elijah: Faith for Turbulent Times – Part 2: Battle of the Gods

February 21, 2021
In one of the most epic scenes in all the bible, Elijah single-handedly challenges the priests and the pagan gods they serve.

Elijah: Faith for Turbulent Times – Part 1: A Prophet in the Making

February 14, 2021
The raising of Elijah as a prophet is intimately connected with his own spiritual journey.

The Future Me – Part 5: Never Lost

February 7, 2021
To become what you want doesn't mean jettisoning everything to get there. The very best there is will always be there because it can never be lost.

The Future Me – Part 4: Rhythm of Life

January 31, 2021
Time can often appear as an enemy. For the writers of the Wisdom books of the Bible, time was merely a tool. One when properly understood, yielded valuable lessons for…
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