Jon Korkidakis

Prayer Matters – Part 2: My Healing, Your Glory

Prayer Matters June 6, 2021 One of David’s great gifts, beyond his legacy as shepherd and King of Israel, is the words he has given us in talking to god in the darkest moments of… Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: Psalm 32

Prayer Matters – Part 1: My Heart to Yours

Prayer Matters May 30, 2021 One of the biblical metrics of a healthy spiritual relationship with god is found in our expression of gratitude. Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: Psalm 95:1-7

Heaven – Part 2: No Longer

Heaven May 23, 2021 What will Heaven be like? What can we expect about our eternal home? Can Heaven live up to the hype, or is there a better reality from the pages of… Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: Revelation 22:1-5

Heaven – Part 1: Brand New

Heaven May 16, 2021 Beyond modern depictions of baby cherubs and fluffy clouds, Heaven is home to every promise God has ever made. Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: Revelation 21:1-7

Things God Uses: Part 5- For Others

Things God Uses May 9, 2021 Something happens when we serve others. It not only benefits those being served, but God does something in us too. Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: 1Peter 4:10

Things God Uses – Part 3: Holy Habits

Things God Uses April 25, 2021 We never drift in a good direction. To get to a place we need to go takes discipline. Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: 1 Timothy 4:7-8

Things God Uses – Part 2: Plan B

Things God Uses April 18, 2021 God’s plans can never be thwarted. We may resist or even put up roadblocks, but God has a way of bringing about his purpose for our lives. Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: Exodus 4:13-17

About A Cross – Part 3: Paradise

About A Cross April 4, 2021 The cross, a vehicle for executing criminals and a symbol for the finality of death, becomes transformed by Jesus’ crucifixion. What appears as an end, becomes the beginning of an… Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: Luke 23:39-43; 24:38-40

About A Cross – Part 1: Take It Up

About A Cross March 28, 2021 Long before His triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, Jesus used the cross as an illustration of what it would mean to follow Him. Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: Luke 9:21-25

A State of the Church Address

March 21, 2021 It is now a year into this pandemic that has affected the lives of many. In this message, we give an update on the state of our church as well… Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: Matthew 16:13-19