Things God Uses: Part 5- For Others

May 9, 2021
Something happens when we serve others. It not only benefits those being served, but God does something in us too.

Things God Uses – Part 3: Holy Habits

April 25, 2021
We never drift in a good direction. To get to a place we need to go takes discipline.

Things God Uses – Part 2: Plan B

April 18, 2021
God’s plans can never be thwarted. We may resist or even put up roadblocks, but God has a way of bringing about his purpose for our lives.

Things God Uses – Part 1: What’s in Your Hands?

April 11, 2021
God often takes the simplest and most common things that we have available and uses them for his purposes.

About A Cross – Part 3: Paradise

April 4, 2021
The cross, a vehicle for executing criminals and a symbol for the finality of death, becomes transformed by Jesus’ crucifixion. What appears as an end, becomes the beginning of an…
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