We Are The Church – Part 8 – We Are A Target

November 3, 2019
Truth and tolerance are rarely teamed together, especially when Christians are in view. As intolerance and hatred grows, so does the attacks against believers.

We Are The Church – Part 6 – We Are Worshippers

October 20, 2019
Sometimes life has a way of making us feel disoriented. One of the great gifts of the church is worship, a gift that helps reorient our lives to what matters.

Unlikely Heroes Part 4 – Taking Action

August 25, 2019
There are times when we are so compelled by an injustice we are tempted to act. But some things are so daunting many will simply give up and say it's…

A Word We Don’t Want to Hear

June 16, 2019
Legacy is a word that has the potential to bring the cringe factor.  Why bring up legacy?  Why dedicate a Sunday to it?  The apostle Paul calls us to be…

Glimpses – Part 2 – When Power and Humility Collide

April 14, 2019
Few pictures convey the contrast between power and humility like Jesus riding on a donkey. More importantly, only Jesus can bring these two together for the benefit of a lost…
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