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It is suppose to be part of our Christian experience but it can leave us confused and frustrated. We think it should be straightforward and work in a particular way…
There is no denying the importance of reading and understanding the Bible. It’s centrality to the Christian faith cannot be underestimated. But why is it important and why do I…


May 10, 2020
How would you end this sentence? We are better_________! In this message we look at one word that seems so out of place, especially in this present season, but serves…
Galatians 5:22-23 The strength of our character lies in our inner formation. Without it, what people see is only a mask of our true self.
To the casual observer, these are the most often the characteristics that catch the attention and admiration of others.
In the ongoing struggle for self-improvement, the first three Fruits of the Spirit can prove to be the most difficult to maintain.
Victory comes in many forms, but few as dramatic as a resurrection.
A suffering Messiah was difficult for most to comprehend. It became the biggest stumbling block even though it was an important aspect of the Messiah's mission.
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