Unlikely Heroes – Part 6

September 8, 2019
Age can sometimes be a detractor, a liability depending on the importance of the responsibility. Timothy, a disciple of the apostle Paul, heroically forges into the mantle of leadership at…

Unlikely Heroes Part 5 – Ehud

September 1, 2019
Sometimes God calls us to drastic situations.  In what seemed like a hopeless cycle, God called a man that no one was looking at, to deliver the entire nation from…

Unlikely Heroes Part 3 – It’s Up To You!

August 18, 2019
Sometimes, being a hero is forced upon you. You are faced with a situation that unless you act, the consequences could be disastrous. In those moments, heroes are made and…

Unlikely Heroes Part 1 – When Help Comes Unexpectedly

August 4, 2019
Rahab, a woman whose life choices would not have classified her as a hero. Yet, when it mattered most, she became a catalyst for God.
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