The Jesus I See: Part: 9: Without a Doubt

August 23, 2020
Of all the disciples, no one stands out like this one when it comes to expressing doubt and pessimism. but in the end, he makes one of the grandest proclamations…

The Jesus I See: Part 8: Mystery Men

August 16, 2020
Of the 12 disciples, there are 2 who remain silent  in the pages of Scripture. though we have nothing recorded, their lives nevertheless are not a total mystery.

The Jesus I See : Part 7: One Question

August 9, 2020
For questions posed by a disciple, it sometimes meant a moment of clarification from Jesus. Here, to the surprise of this disciple, Jesus answers with a promise filled with hope.

The Jesus I See: Part 6: Genuine Son

August 3, 2020
First reactions are not always the most positive. In the case of this disciple, his initial response turned into a welcomed mistake. (A look at Nathanael/Bartholomew)

The Jesus I See: Part 5: Show Me

July 26, 2020
There were times when the disciples struggled with what they were learning from Jesus. It prompted questions and, in this instance, became an opportunity for Jesus to teach a deeper…
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