Playing Favourites

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Playing Favourites – Part 9

Playing Favourites August 26, 2018 New The Bible has a lot to say about fear. In this closing message we look at an aspect of fear that is rarely considered, especially as it affects the… Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: Revelation 21:1-8

Playing Favourites – Part 8

Playing Favourites August 19, 2018 Big H If you had the opportunity to interview one of Jesus’ closest disciples, what would you expect they would want us to know? In this timeless message we look… Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: 1 Peter 3:13-17

Playing Favourites – Part 7

Playing Favourites August 12, 2018 #Blessed As we scroll through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram we see people share posts with #Blessed in them.  These posts use #Blessed as a way to explain how life is… Speaker : Devon Snelgrove Passage: Psalm 1

Playing Favourites – Part 6

Playing Favourites August 5, 2018 Convinced Why was Paul convinced that being “in Jesus” changes everything? What caused him to go from persecuting Christians to writing what many call the greatest chapter ever written in the… Speaker : Matthew Burkholder Passage: Romans 8

Playing Favourites – Part 5

Playing Favourites July 29, 2018 Tough Love Why is it so difficult to believe something the first time we hear it? Why do we tend towards an idealism that says, “I’ll believe it when I… Speaker : Jon Korkidakis Passage: Exodus 24-34

Playing Favourites – Part 4

Playing Favourites July 22, 2018 Playing Favourites Have you ever picked up a book and been hooked right away by the first sentence? On Sunday, we will look at the opening lines of the Bible… Speaker : Matthew Burkholder Passage: Genesis 1:1-2

Playing Favourites – Part 3

Playing Favourites July 8, 2018 What Do You Mean Meaningless? Deep inside our hearts, we yearn for purpose and meaning.  Yet not all of us find it, some settle on close enough.  This Sunday we will be exploring a passage that… Speaker : Devon Snelgrove Passage: Ecclesiastes 1:1-3

Playing Favourites – Part 2

Playing Favourites July 1, 2018 Who really is Jesus? Being a Christian isn’t easy and it was never intended to be.  Yet what is easy is becoming complacent in how we view Jesus.  We often do this… Speaker : Devon Snelgrove Passage: Matthew 8:23-27

Playing Favourites – Part 1

Playing Favourites June 24, 2018 Come Home What do we do when we feel lost? Where do we turn when our choices have hurt the people who love us? Jesus tells a story which points… Speaker : Matthew Burkholder Passage: Luke 15:11-32