Parallel Worlds – Part 10

March 17, 2019
There are many paths to success in this world but only one in the parallel world of God’s kingdom. When it’s found, life blossoms in measures unfathomable.

Parallel Worlds – Part 9

March 10, 2019
Many of us are taught to be persistent, especially with the things we are most passionate about. What if God honoured our persistence in the same way an earthly father…

Parallel Worlds – Part 8

March 3, 2019
Ever hear someone say, “You have no right to judge me?” Is that really true? We look at one of the most misused cultural quotes of Jesus and see how…

Parallel Worlds – Part 7

February 24, 2019
Worry, anxiety, stress, this unholy trinity is wreaking havoc in many lives, so much so that’s its considered a modern epidemic. Is there a way to lessen their damage and…

Parallel Worlds – Part 6

February 17, 2019
Sometimes the people we try to emulate are the very people we need to avoid. What they show us is an unhealthy pattern that generates a life of hypocrisy. How…
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