Changing Lives by the Square Foot – Our Building Plans

We want to make every square foot count at Village Green, because every foot represents a life. We’ve been talking recently about changed lives – people finding not only a home here at Village Green but also a place to grow in their walk with Jesus Christ. Many people have shared their wonderful testimonies ofContinue reading “Changing Lives by the Square Foot – Our Building Plans”

The Global Rich List – How far from the top are you?

The income of people varies widely across the globe.  You can use this next link to see where you rank. Just put in your country and your net yearly income.  You may well find yourself in the top billion! This link is part of the Recalculating Challenge, a financial reassessment series at Village Green Community Church.

Recalculating Challenge Participation

We encourage and acknowledge the people taking the Recalculating Challenge! Here is the list of people who started the Recalculating Challenge, and who also agreed to have their participation shown in this list. There may be others participating in private. Please check out the challenge, and make it part of your plans. We encourage youContinue reading “Recalculating Challenge Participation”

Recalculating Challenge

The Recalculating Challenge is a 3-level set of hands-on, helpful steps toward financial peace and success. It’s a practical way for you to explore the financial teachings of the Recalculating series. Finding good ways to manage our finances is an ongoing challenge. We get lots of suggestions on what to buy, where to shop, and we’re encouraged to do it now!Continue reading “Recalculating Challenge”

Finger Foods 2012

The annual Finger Foods evening was held in April 2012, with a tasty turnout of dishes and samplers. Thanks to everyone who cooked, baked and tasted the goodies.

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