Thank You!

Dear Village Green,

I wanted to write a blog post to you all thanking for the last two years.  When I came to Village Green Community Church, I was a nervous and insecure mess.  I needed a lot of encouragement and pushing to grow as a believer but, more importantly, as a Pastor.  These last two years have been precisely what I needed.

I went through some personal struggles with my Diabetes and weight loss, and during that, I got to experience love from a church like we are meant to love.  I couldn’t have had the success that I did without your love, support, and encouragement through that time.

I was challenged in my preaching.  I have always been blessed to be at Churches that allow me to work on my gift of preaching.  However, while at Village Green, I was challenged and pushed to get better at it and to do it more often.  When I started at Village Green, I needed so much time to prep a sermon, and I still value putting in good prep time; however, I can confidently prepare sermons like I just couldn’t before.  Not to mention all the encouragement while preaching here from everyone.

I was challenged in my time management.  I was always good with my time and hard working.  However, I learned while serving here that being hardworking isn’t all it takes for ministry.  You need to know when to ask for help and bring key leaders along.  Have I done this correctly? No, but I am way better then I was.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you all for all of the beautiful relationships I have built here.  Whether you are someone that I say Hi to on a Sunday or someone who let me into their lives.  I have appreciated and will cherish all the friendships I have made here.  You all have impacted me in a way that words can’t describe.  A piece of my heart will always be here at Village Green.

Thank You So Much!