Missions Update – Peggy MacPhee

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December 2015


I have been encouraged recently by E. Donnelly’s ‘Biblical teaching on the doctrines of heaven and hell’. In addition to being reminded of the urgency of the gospel and my responsibility to serve God’s purposes in my own generation (see Acts 13:36 re David), I have also been reminded that Jesus saves us completely/eternally/to the uttermost (depending on your translation of Heb. 7:25) since He always lives to intercede (abundantly) for them (i.e. those for whom he died). Thank you, Lord.


In addition to bible teaching (whether it be with individuals, small groups, or via courses), a significant portion of my time is spent with individuals who call or drop by to ask questions. This is a good sign as it shows that the Holy Spirit is at work. Common themes/questions are: understanding something read in the O.T., what is the relationship between sin and illness; doesn’t God want to heal everyone? What can evil spirits do to us? Do I really need to be baptised? Or attend church? Sometimes the questions are more personal: ‘I am having trouble with my daughter….’ The answer (and she knew it as well as I) was that she needed to take the first step towards reconciliation. Another example: after hearing about her job opportunities, latest tattoo, estranged husband and so on, we arrived at ‘I am having a little trouble with my faith…’. Pray that this lady would get back into regular fellowship and bible study, from which she has frequently absented herself in recent months.

Christmas activities

Travel: plans are that I will be traveling to several towns in the weeks before Christmas. Pray for Kremi (living in an ethnically mixed town) and me as we work out details for events with neighbours she is trying to reach out to (mainly mothers and children) and with some women who are already believers.

Please pray that for each small group that meets here in the city, special Christmas events would not just turn into parties for pleasure but that they would truly be celebrations of Christ’s coming.


Pray for an upcoming HARTA seminar on Islam; that it would lead to greater understanding in this tense time as we deal with the refugee/migrant crisis. Pray for insight into practical ways of helping out in our local area.

And that the group (or some of us, at least) would tackle the critical issue of quality follow up for the attendees at public lectures.

Maintenance issues

I must be getting older, my vision is deteriorating, and I need infusions of stuff to keep my immune system working, among other things :)! Pray that I would be open to the new opportunities for sharing my faith that are bound to crop up along the way. One such opportunity arose recently in a bank line-up when one of the clerks began to ask me questions about my work. It turns out (surely God was at work here in this…) some years ago she had attended one of the same churches that I had in the UK.

Prayer Request for Lucy

Some of you have met Lucy (a small group bible study member for many years). She has been dealing recently with serious difficulties in her job with a Christian organization, including management issues, harassment by a staff member and reporters who turned up to investigate complaints that children in the home she administered were being drugged and maltreated. Pray that she might come out of this experience with a stronger faith; and that the work would continue on the sound foundation she has already established.

European Situation

Thirteen of twenty-three articles in the news report I received today dealt with the role of Russia in Bulgarian, European and world affairs. This may reflect local concern that the situation here is more complicated than simply dealing with the ‘migrant crisis’. Let’s keep on praying for all the difficult decisions our world leaders are having to make these days


Especially for those of you who are new to my News Notes; if you have questions about something you have read, please respond to Olaf@Kraulis.com and I’ll get back to you!

And if you are not new, may I remind you to let Olaf know your new email address when it changes.

And finally,

A most heartfelt thank you to all of you for your behind-the-scenes prayers, hospitality and financial support throughout the year.

In Him, Peggy



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